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Lancer Clad Door Frames


Lancer Clad Door Frames (the ultimate in door frame systems)

Welcome to our Lancer Clad Door Frame page. They manufacture a superior clad door frame system for entry doors, side lites and garage doors. Their goal is to provide a high quality, low maintenance clad door frame system at an economical price. For years the door industry has been struggling to find an affordable, dependable method to bring the industry into the maintenance free world that the rest of your home has enjoyed for years. While you can have the rest of your home done in maintenance free products, your entry doors and garage doors were left out of the picture. Lancer Clad has solved that problem.   


For both your In swing * Out swing entry doors and sidelites * For your garage door * For your swinging patio door

If you want to make the true maintenance free final move, this is it.

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Lancer Clad Door Frames:

Entry Doors

• Clad frame unit consists of a treated finger-jointed wood substrate with raw rabbet - Sealed end-grain 

• The clad is an aluminum roll form face with an extruded aluminum nosing

• Jamb sizes 4-9/16” to 7-1/2” (sizes up to 11-1/2” are available as an option)

• The vinyl nailing fin is mitered to size - The miter allows for a tight fit at the corners

• The head dado and sill prep are included - We match your sill angle for the prep

• Optional machining for hinges, strike prep or security plate are available

• We include vinyl shipping protectors which are also used to protect during assembly - Remove before siding

• Extruded brickmould is also available as an option

Garage Doors

New Construction:

• Extruded aluminum nosing with roll form glued to wood

• Available in 1-1/4” x 4” or 1-1/4” x 6”

• Dadoed corners with corner keys

• Standard garage frame sizing

• Vinyl nail fin

• Optional brickmould and concrete curb cover


same specs as new construction frame but:

• 1-3/4” thickness, allows replacement of old 2” frame

• Fully mitered corners for easy field trimming

• 18’-6” lengths available for field trimming, or can be purchased to size


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