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How do I know if I need new windows or doors?


What to look for with your current windows and doors. 


Doing some investigation

We often take our windows for granted. They are something we see through, so we don't always look at them. Many windows survive 20, 30, 40 or more years without apparent major problems but there are often issues with your windows that are costing you money. There has been great technological advances in windows and doors in the last decade that make them more energy efficient than ever. Windows are replaced for different reasons, often for energy savings but some for aesthetic reasons and some becasue of damage from storms and other destructive forces. It is a fact that windows just wear out because they are subject to weather, sun and other degrading factors. It is worth the time to do a walk around the inside and outside of your house and take a close look at what the actual condition of your windows are.

What do you look for?

Water Intrusion. Most people would recognize that this window has problems and should be replaced. Sill damage and rot are not always this easy to spot. If you suspect a problem, a sharp instrument like and awl or a small Philips screw driver can help. Press the tool against and suspicious areas to see how soft it is, if the material flexes or punctures easily you will need to investigate further. Most rotting takes place on the sill and lower frame of the window. Open the window and inspect any areas where paint is peeling or metal cladding is loose. If you suspect rot, you should make plans to repair it quickly or have your Contractor come out to look at it more closely, like a mouse in your house, the damage you see is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Window Solutions™ is a qualified window repair and replacement expert and can advise you on the best course of action.

 " Water is the enemy of your windows and doors"

Doors are even more susceptible to water intrusion than windows because of it's proximity to the ground and the fact that water can pool and sit at the bottom of the door. In this picture it is easy to see but that is not always the case as the rot can sit behind a coat of paint or be on the underside and not yet showing it self. Again, your tools of choice are an awl or small Phillips screw driver that can be used as a probe to poke around into suspicious and likely areas of intrusion. If you find soft areas that flex easily under pressure, you most likely will  have some rot in that particular area. You can call one of our professionals today at 763-428-2883 to get the right advice on your windows and doors. You will get honest professional advice from us.

where do you look?

Air Infiltration: Air can and will find it's way in through and around your windows. Today's technology has certianly slowed it down but a great window installed improperly or incorrectly can negate the effects of that good window. Here is how it does it:  

  • Air infiltration around the sash
  • Conduction through the glazing spacer bar
  • Radiation through the glazing
  • Conduction through the window frame
  • Air infiltration around the frame (that is why vinyl inserts can be problematic) * follow this link to read more 


Your Windows Function and Operation: There are several things that tell you it is time to take a closer look at your windows:

  1. Fogging in between the panes of glass
  2. Cracks and chips
  3. Loosely fitting seals
  4. Cracked or missing seals
  5. Broken or non-functioning harware

If you are having questions about your windows or doors and think it is time to take a closer look at replacing your windows or doors, give us a call and have one of our professional give you advice on how to proceed. 763-428-2883

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